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Our rules

The most stable cloud mining project with simple rules and integrity checks

If you want to ask us any question or contact us about advertising on our project, just write to us [email protected]

1. How to become a member of your project?

To do this, you need to go through a simple registration on our project.

Fill in the fields:

- E-mail – enter your valid email address here, it will also be used to recover the password in case of loss

- Password - create a password to access the project

- Password replay - duplicate previously entered password

- PIN-code - think up and be sure to remember your PIN code. It will be used to withdraw your funds from the project. PIN must be 4-5 characters long

Check the box “I am not a robot” and click the “Register” button. Congratulations! You have become a member of our project and you can start earning!

2. Login to the project.

- E-mail – enter your email address that you used when registering

- Password - enter your password, and press the "Login" button

You can recover your password using the “Forgot password” buttons. E-mail

Also in this window the “Registration” button is available if you are not already registered with us on the project

3. Game Description

At the beginning of each game season, we formulate a certain project budget, i.e. we pay a certain amount to the project account, which will increase as players acquire GHS game units, as players become more active, and also from the receipt of funds from advertising placed on the project. GHS is credited to player accounts in real time and is available for exchange immediately after crediting to USD, Bitcoin, as well as Dogecoin at the current rate at any time in the current game season. Deposits of USD and cryptocurrencies to your game accounts also occur automatically and immediately after crediting are available for exchange to GHS. USD, Bitcoin and Dogecoin will be available for payment upon reaching the minimum limits and will be paid automatically after submitting a withdrawal request.

The rate of calculation of the reward depends on the amount of "GHS" on your account, as well as on activity on the project and using the "Bonus" button. That is, the more you have a “GHS” account, the faster the “GHS” accrual will go, and you will be able to earn more, and vice versa, if you exchange a certain amount, the accrual rate will drop, so carefully consider your game strategy, how much money needs to be withdrawn, and how much needs to be left in work.

«GHS» in the project is purchased on the "Exchange" page. The profitability of GHS is from 10% per month of the nominal value and depends on current exchange rates and cryptocurrencies, as well as your activity on the site. On the bonuses page, additional receipt of “GHS” is also available, i.e. You can start earning even without investments!

Here is an example: A project participant acquired 100 GHS and entered the project 30 days later, it will have 110 GHS on its balance sheet if exchange rates and cryptocurrencies have not changed, with a yield of 10%. If the same participant visits the site every day, then at the entrance the amount will be fixed, and% will be charged already on the fixed amount. In addition, there are “Bonus” buttons with GHS gift accrual, which can be used once every 4 hours. * Note: “GHS” amount is also fixed once every 4 hours.

Also on our project you can get good profit with the help of our referral program. By attracting other participants to our project, you will earn 0.07% per day of the total "GHS" of all participants who came via your referral link. GHS referrals are credited once a day, and you can add them to your account on the Partners tab.

4. Game Account Home

«GHS» - Number of employees «GHS»

USD – The amount of USD on your balance

Bitcoin – The amount of Bitcoin in your balance

Dogecoin - The amount of Dogecoin in your balance

5. How to start working and earn money

You can start working completely without investments, you just need to go to the "Bonus" page every 4 hours, wait 30 seconds and click the "receive" button. You will see how your bonus appeared in the “GHS” field, and its amount in the “account” menu will begin to increase gradually.

The daily bonus coefficient is an indicator of the activity of project participants and advertising income over the past day, this is the coefficient by which the bonus you receive is multiplied. If this figure is more than one, then the participants' activity and interest in advertising was high, which means you will receive a bonus multiplied by this coefficient. If this figure is below 1, then the activity was weak and the bonus you received will be reduced. All cheating coefficient is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN and useless, as they will not be counted by the advertiser.

To start earning faster, you need to click on the “recharge” menu, choose a convenient way for you to replenish and replenish your account. After that, go to the “Exchange” menu and buy the “GHS” units in the desired quantity. There are no restrictions for the purchase. Both of these methods can be used simultaneously. It is forbidden to register 2 or more accounts from the same device, as this will entail the automatic blocking of funds on these accounts.

The game implements automatic payments upon request (i.e. payment is received within a few minutes) in USD to Payeer and Perfect Money payment systems, in Dogecoin to Dogecoin wallets and to Bitcoin to wallets Bitcoin.

The minimum amount to withdraw 1 USD, 500 Dogecoin, 0,005 Bitcoin, The minimum amount to withdraw 3%.

If you have forgotten the PIN-code or it does not fit, you can restore it yourself by clicking on the “Restore” button, a new PIN-code will be sent to the one registered in the project e-mail.


Check that the wallet is entered correctly and that it matches the requested currency. Do not withdraw funds directly to other projects, use only your wallets to withdraw. When transferring directly to other projects, claims, if funds are not credited, will not be accepted.


To replenish the game account, you must go through the site menu       to the "Replenishment" page.

In case you want to use Payeer or PerfectMoney,       enter in the field 1 the required amount, click the "Fund" button and follow       further instructions.

If you decide to fund your Dogecoin or Bitcoin game account, click       “Get Address”, in field 2 your personal address will appear, and the button       "Get Address" will change to the "Copy" button, by clicking on which,       You will copy the address to the clipboard.

Please note that account replenishment through distributors       cryptocurrencies, axle boxes, cranes, etc., as well as through the FaucetBox service and the like,       at your own risk. We are not responsible in case of       hangs or non-payments of such payments, we are not able to find out where they are       hung up, find these funds and do not know the causes of such problems. Claims       on these issues will not be considered. Use local       exchange or wallets.

I didn’t receive the ordered payment, I indicated the wrong wallet,       There was a failure in the payment order process, the payment is in status       Process - what should I do?

You need to contact technical support by e-mail.       mail to [email protected] registered in the project       mailbox.

I don’t receive a recoverable login password or       payment password what to do?

Unfortunately, some mail services block our letters.       You need to check the Spam folder. If the letter is not there, then you       you must contact technical support by email at       the address [email protected] from the postal address registered in the project       drawer.

Why does the GHS amount decrease when I refresh the page?

What you see on your monitor is a timer made to reduce the load on our servers, it shows an approximate number, we have real numbers       on the server with which your account is synchronized every time       page refresh.

What percentage do you pay for an invited partner affiliate       program?

Our referral program is 0.07% per day of the total       "GHS" of all members registered by referral link.       The accrual of referrals occurs once a day at 00.00 (GMT) and is available to       transfer to the account balance on the "Partners" tab.

I went in and the site is not available. Are you all SCAM?

If the site is not available, it means that some technical work is being carried out or some problems have occurred that we are fixing and it will become available soon. If the planned tech. work, we warn about this in advance by intra-mail and in our groups.